Merry Christmas
from the Kagnew Gazelle to Boswell; SP4 Thomas Bour; SP4 John Bouiinot, Jr; Mr Charalamgos Bovias; Mr and Mrs Michael Bowcutt; RMSN Jimmy Bowen; SP4 and Mrs Michael Bowen; RMSN Thomas Bowen; SP4 Kenneth Bower Jr; Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bowles and family; SP6 and Mrs Dewitt Boyd;
  SSG and Mrs Richard Boyd and family; Mr and Mrs Frank Boyer and family; SP4 Ronnie Boyett; SP4 and Mrs Stephen Boyle; ETC and Mrs Benjamin Brackin and family; SP4 James Braden; MSG and Mrs John Bradley and family; MAJ and Mrs Ardell Brainerd Jr and family; SFC and Mrs Willie Brammer and family; SSG Eldyn Branch; CE3 Randolph Branch; SFC and Mrs Alvin Brandyburg and family; SSG and Mrs Jon Brantley and family; SSG Jimmy Branton; CPT and Mrs William Brashear and family;
  SP5 Ronald Brastad; SP4 and Mrs Archie Braxton Jr and family; SP5 and Mrs Thomas Breedlove and family; SP5 and Mrs Gerald Brees; SP4 and Mrs Richard Brenchley and family; ILT Edward Bres III; SP4 James Bressler; SP4 Everette Brewer; SP4 James Brewer; RMSN Ronnie Bridge; SSG and Mrs Richard Bridges and family; SP5 Bryan Britton; SP4 John Brocker; Miss Jane Brofee; CYN2 and Mrs Theodore Brooker and family: ETN3 Mark Brooks; RMSA Michael Brooks; SP5 Charles Broome; SSG and Mrs Raymond Brotherton and family; SSG and Mrs Arthur Brown and family; SP4 Clarence Brown; TSG and Mrs Gerald Brown and family; MSG Henry Brown; SFC and Mrs Henry Brown and family; RMSA Horace Brown;
  SSG and Mrs Isaac Brown Jr; SP4 James Brown; SSG James Brown; RMSA John Brown; Miss Kathy Brown; RMSN Kenneth Brown; SP6 and Mrs Leonard Brown and family; LCDR and Mrs Lloyd Brown and family; SP5 and Mrs Mitchell Brown and family; SSG and Mrs Morris Brown and family; SSG and Mrs Robert C Brown and family; SP4 Ronald Brown; SP5 Thomas Brown Jr; RMCS Vinal Brown; SFC and Mrs Walter Brown and family; RMl Withe Brown; Mr Byron Brumbaugh; SP4 Lawrence Brunes; MAJ Maude Brunk; MAJ William Brunk; SP4 William Brunn; SGT and Mrs Jack Brunoite; RMSN Dennis Bryant;
  RMCS and Mrs Larry Bucher and family; SP4 and Mrs Gregory Buck; RM3 and Mrs Marvin Buckner; SP4 Robert Budde; SP5 Ronald Buelow; Mr and Mrs Joseph Buff; CW2 and Mrs David Bullard and family; SP5 and Mrs Donald Bullock; ET1 and Mrs C H Bunch and family; SP6 and the Mrs John Burk and fcrnily; EN1 and Mrs Ronnie Burke and family; SP5 and Mrs Richard Burkey; PFC and Mrs Chester Burks; LTC Marion Burlack; SSG and Mrs Eddie Burnham; SP5 Ellis Burns; SP5 and Mrs Theopis Burnside; SP4 and Mrs William Burrows; SP5 and Mrs Charles Bursch; ETSA Gary Burtner;
LTC Dale Burton; SGT Karl Busch Jr; SP5 and Mrs Arthur Bush and family; ET1 and Mrs John A Bush and family; SP4 and Mrs Donald Bushyager; CW2 and Mrs Joseph Butters; SP4 William Butler; SP4 Rickey Butts; Mr Ronald Butts; SSG and Mrs Charles Byrd and family; SP5 and Mrs Lawrence Cachia; SA McKinley Cage; RMC and Mrs David Caidwell and family;
  RM2 and Mrs Fred Caldwell and family; SSG and Mrs Peter Callamaras; Sister Marion Callanan; RM3 Elvin Campbell; SP4 James Campbell; SP4 Raymond Campbell; 5P5 and Mrs Robert Campbell; 5P5 and Mrs Forrest Canfield and family; SP5 and Mrs Joseph Cannon; SSG Leonard Capps;
  SP4 and Mrs Claude Cardwell; SP5 Johann Carey; SP5 and Mrs Stephen Carley; SP4 David Carney III; SSG George Carr Jr; SSG and Mrs H e n r y Carter; PFC Raymond Carter; SP4 Richard Carter; SP4 Rene Cartier; SP5 Robert Caruthers; SP4 Gerald Casados; SP4 Jeffrey Casavant;
  SP5 Michael Casey; SP4 Michael Castagnola; RMSA Mickey Caswell; SP5 and Mrs Christopher Catledge; SP6 and Mrs Clyde Caviness; SP4 Don Chalkley; SP5 Gerald Chambers; SP4 Jerry Chambers; ET1 and Mrs Philip Chamberlin and family; CW2 and Mrs Danny Channel and family; Mr and Mrs Arthur Chapman and family;
  Mr and Mrs Joseph Chapman and family; SP4 and Mrs John Charette; SP4 Richard Charon; LTC and Mrs Don Chilcote and family; Mr and Mrs Gary Christenson; Mr Harriton Christie; SP4 William Christopher; SP4 and Mrs Eugene Chumbley;
   Mr and Mrs William Clair and family; SP4 Robert E Clancy; SP5 Henry Clairmont; CPT Dorothy Clark; SP4 Douglas Clark; SP5 William Clark; RMSN Jimmy Clay; SP5 Lonnie Clay; PFC Michael Clipka; SP4 Vernon Close; Mr and Mrs Gerald Clouser and family; SP5 James Cluck; SGT George Coates; SP5 Charles Cobb;
  SSG and Mrs Larry Coffman and family; SFC and Mrs Kenneth Cole and family; SP7 Earl Coleman; CSM and Mrs Harold Coleman and family; SSG and Mrs Robert Coleman; SP4 Stanhope Coleman; SP5 Willam Coleman; SP4 Robert Colia; SP4 Michael Combs; SP4 and Mrs David Condit; SP5 and Mrs Ronald Connelly;
  SP4 and Mrs Howard Conover; SP4 Jack Contoleon; SP4 Claude Cook; RMC and Mrs Stephen Cook and family; SP7 Vernon Cook; SP4 Duane Cooley; SP4 Bernard Coons; CN Douglas Cooper; Mr and Mrs Frank Cooper and family; SSG and and Mrs Charles Copeland; PFC William Coppage; SP5 and Mrs Ronald Coppock; RMSA Johnny Corbin
  SP5 Lee Cordner; SP4 Gabino Cordova; Mrs Terry Correllas; Miss Sharon Corneille; SSG and Mrs Herman Cornish; SP5 Allan Corron; RMSN Frederick Costantini; SP5 Michael Costello; RM3 and Mrs James Costley and family; RMSN William Coughlin;
SP4 Paul Cousin; ETR2 James Covey; Mr and Mrs Duncan Covington and family; ETN2 Adam Cox; SP4 Michael Cox; SSG and Mrs Robert Cox; Mr and Mrs William Cox and family; SP5 and Mrs Jon Coy; RMCSS and Mrs Edward Crabtree and family;
  SP5 and Mrs Earl Crawford and family; SP5 Lawrence Crawford; SP5 Jack Creamer; SP4 Steven Creason; SP5 and Mrs Carroll Crews and family; SKC and Mrs James Crews and family; SP5 and Mrs Ralph Crews and family; SP5 Clifford Critch;
  SP4 John Critchfield; SP6 Daniel Crockett; SP4 Michael Crockett; SP4 Ellsworth Cropper; RMSN William Cross; SP7 and Mrs William Crouch and family; RMC and Mrs Harold Cruel; SP4 John Crummy; CPT and Mrs Charles Cummings and family; SP4 Michael Cupp; SP4 William Cupp; SSG Warren Curry; SP4 Sherrill Curtis; SP5 Wallace Cyr; Mr Bruce Dalgren; RMSN Gerald Dale;
  SP5 Thomas Daly; SP4 James Dame; SP4 Gary Damrow; PFC Chris Danicourt; SP5 and Mrs Dan Daniel; SP4 Thomas Daniel; SP4 Michael Daniels; CYN3 Ronald Daniels; SP4 Randy Darlage; SGT and Mrs William Darmer and family; SP4 and Mrs Ronald Daughenbaugh; SP5 and Mrs Jay Davidson; SP5 Walter Davidson; SP5 James Davies; PFC Alenzo Davis; Mr and Mrs Bronson Davis; SP4 Jay Davis; SP5 Jonathan Davis; SP6 and Mrs Lawrence Davis;
  Miss Mary Davis; SP4 and Mrs Wayne Davis Jr; SSG Willard Davis; RM3 and Mrs Michael Day and family; RMSN Richard Day; SP6 and Mrs David Deal; CEl and Mrs Mell Dean and family; SP5 and Mrs Bernard Deaton; SSG and Mrs Kent Debruler; RM2 and Mrs Charles Decker and family; SP5 and Mrs Anthony Defonce; SP5 and Mrs David Degerald; SP4 Dennis Delbovo; SP5 and Mrs Vidal Delgado and family; RMSA David Demuynck; 2LT and Mrs Simon Dengel;
  PV2 John Deniker; SFC and Mrs Thomas Dennis; SP5 and Mrs Franklin Derby; SP5 Vincent Derosa; Mr Charles Dertadian; Mr Richard Dertadian; Mrs Sarah Dertadian; CW2 and Mrs Donald Desiardins; SP5 and Mrs George Dessaner; SP5 Rocco Deteso Jr; SP4 Randall Dethlefs; SP5 Robert Devoss; 1LT and Mrs Allen Deware; RMSA Thomas Dewey; SP4 Michael Dickey; RMC and Mrs George Dietz and family; Mr Thomas Diibon; SP4 Neil Dill; Mr and Mrs James Dinagen and family; PFC Robert Diser; MAJ and Mrs Hector Dittamo and family; SP4 George Dixon; Mr Jessie Dobins; SSG and Mrs Jerry Dobbins and family; YNI Richard Dobbins; SSG and Mrs Jerry Dobson and family; SP5 and Mrs Gary Dockery; SFC Fhillip Dodge and family; SP6 and Mrs Richard Dohlstrom; Mr and Mrs David Dombrowsky and family;
  CW2 and Mrs Fayette Domm and family; SP4 Daniel Dooley; SP5 and Mrs Joseph Dooley; Miss Elaine Douglas; Mr and Mrs Hugh Downey; SFC and Mrs Joseph Downs; SSG and
77SP4 Kenneth Aaltonen; SSG and Mrs Henry Abney and amily; SP4 and Mrs Raynaldo Icosta; SP4 and Mrs Dennis Adams; RMl and Mrs James Adams; SP4 Robert Adams; SSG and Mrs Rogers Adams III and family; SP5 John Addicks; SGT David Albers; SSG and Mrs Larry Aldrich and family; SP4 and Mrs Ronald Aidridge and family; 1SG and Mrs Donald Allen and family; SP5 and Mrs Jay Allen; SP5 and Mrs John Allen; RMSN Thomas Allen; SP4 and Mrs Guy Alloway; SP6 and Mrs Charles Alired and family; Mr and Mrs John Almassy and family:
  LTC and Mrs Charles Alston and family; SP5 Robert Ammirata; SP4 Paul Amsterdam; SP4 Louis Andersen; SP5 Craig Anderson; SP4 Dale Anderson; SP4 and Mrs Ronald Anderson and family; SP4 Russell Anderson Jr; SP5 Warren Anderson; CW2 William Anderson; SP4 and Mrs Ronald Anderson and family; RMSA Donald Andrews; SP4 Ralph Anthony; SP4 and Mrs Melvin Antonio; SP4 Dennis Apple; Mr and Mrs John Apstolens and family; SP6 and Mrs Anthony Arcaro; SP4 Richard Arebaugh; SP4 and Mrs Fasqualino Arena; Mr and Mrs Gregory Apkanian; CW2 and Mrs Gary Armann and family;
  SP5 Gary Armistead; SP4 Russell Armstrong; SP4 William Armstrong; SP4 John Armus; EN3 Ralph Arnold; SP4 Scott Arnold; SP5 and Mrs Ross Arterburn; SP4 and Mrs Daniel Artus; SP4 Eli Arvizu; SP5 Maurice Asato; SSG and Mrs Clifford Ashen and family; SP4 and Mrs Larry Ashford; ETNSN Gerald Askey; SK1 and Mrs Benigno Aspuria and family; CW2 and Mrs John Aten and family; SSG and Mrs Robert Ayers and family; SP4 Edward Babish; SFC and Mrs Richard Bacon and family; lLT Robert Baggs Jr; SP5 Albert Bailes; SP4 William Bailey; SP4 Paul Bajohr; SP4 John Baker Jr; PFC Winston Baker Jr; CYN Kay Baldwin; SP4 John Ballenger; SP5 Raymond Ballou;
  RM1 and Mrs John Bamford and family; SP4 Jchn Banks; SP5 Raymond Barker; SP5 and Mrs Robert Baker; CYN3 and Mrs Jerry Barkley; SP5 Dwight Barnard; SP4 Larry Barnes;
SN Craig Barnhart; SP4 David Barrett; SP4 and Mrs Larry Barrett; SP4 William Barrineu; SP4 and Mrs Michael Bars; SP4 Joseph Bartko; SP5 James Barton Jr; Mr and Mrs Clayton Bashore and family; CPT and Mrs Thad Bass and family; Rev Giovanni Battelli; SP4 and Mrs Kenneth Baumgart and family; SP5 William Baylis; LTC Michael Beau; SP5 Kenneth Bean; SP4 and Mrs Willard Beavers; SP4 Edward Beck Jr; SP4 Joseph Becker; SP6 and Mrs Preston Beckwith and family; CW2 and Mrs Clark Bednorz; PFC John Bedwell; RMC and Mrs Lawrence Beekler; SP5 Stephen Beeson;
  MAJ and Mrs Christopher Bell and family; SP4 Francis Belmont; SP4 David Belt; SSG and Mrs Barry Bendel and family; SP4 Edward Benedict; SP4 and Mrs Larry Benien; SP5 Richard Benlein; SP5 Donald Bennett; SP4 Harvey Bennett; MSG and Mrs Norman Bennett and family; SP4 and Mrs Paul Benson; SP4 Michael Bentley; Mr and Mrs Barton Berg; SSG and Mrs Kenneth Berger and family; SP5 and Mrs Melvin Berger; SP4 Gerald Berman; BM2 and Mrs Adelard Bernard and family; SP4 Michael Bertalan; SP6 and Mrs Garold Ber trand and family; SP5 and Mrs Timothy Bertrand; SP5 Jimmy Betchan; SP4 Ronald Betcher; SP4 Thomas Bethune; FFC David Biconik; CPT and Mrs Harold Biddix and family:
  Mr and Mrs Gerald Bijerke; SP4 Herman Bir II; SP4 James Biros; SP4 and Mrs Gary Black; SGT Roy Black; SP5 and Mrs James Bleckburn; SP5 and Mrs Dan Blacker; SP5 James Black man; PFC Rodney Blackman; PFC Richard Blakesley; TSG and Mrs Charles; Blanchard and family; SP4 Gary Blass; SP5 and Mrs Robert Blatnik and family: SP5 and Mrs Charles Blazier Jr; SP4 David Blecha; PFC Forrest Bledsoe; SP5 Robert Bloomberg; PFC Charles Boden; SP4 Kenneth Bogart; SP4 David Boley; SP6 Stephen Bonczewski CPT and Mrs Monty Bonello; SP4 and Mrs Billy Booth; SP4 William Borders Jr; Mr and Mrs Robert Borell; SP4 Louis Borsos; SP4 John Borucki; MAJ and Mrs Roger Bosley; SP5 and Mrs John