Hi Rick,
Sure you can add me to the roster. My Dads name was SGT.. Vincent Frank,(deceased) he was in ASA. Worked in the finance office, and we (my mother and two other brothers) were stationed at Kagnew from 1963 - 1966.

I went back to Kagnew with my husband SGT.. Edward Perry, ASA, he worked as an MP, (now divorced) 1970 - 1973. After my daughter, my son was also born at Kagnew on 10-27-71. His name is Edward F. Perry III.

I also had a sister who lived at Kagnew with her family in 1959 - 1962. Her name is Dolores Douglas, her husband was SGT.. Daniel Douglas (now deceased) who worked at the hospital and was a medic there. My sister also had children born at Kagnew.

So as you can see I have had some history and good memories with good old Kagnew station.

I really do enjoy looking at you web-site I think it is the best!
Marge Perry