Signal Corps Warehouse (behind firetruck), Consolidated Supply after 1962

Signal Corps Warehouse

(Photo courtesy of Bonnie (Gene) Peckinpaugh)

Dave Handlin worked at the Signal Supply Warehouse so he is providing some text for this building.

You can see the Post Signal Supply Warehouse building across the back of the photo. Under the second window from the left, if you look close, is a set of steps and a railing that is the main entrance. The railing at the lower right, is the left end ramp to the PX Snack Bar ( if facing the PX ), the door with a window on each side is the Post Office and the open, roll up door to the left, is where you could unload a load of mail bags. The 3 doors at the far left were for the Fire Station. At the far right, at the very top edge "or just out of the photo", is the edge of the clock tower.