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The Kagnew Power Plant in the northwest corner of Kagnew Station was a building that most Kagnewites knew nothing about, and still don't. This plant had 4 generators which produced 2750KW each and supplied electricity for all tracts. The plant cost approximately $1,933,640.00 to build and went online on October 18, 1965.

Before this, I don't know exactly how electricity was supplied for Kagnew. If anyone can supply that information I'll be glad to add it to this page.
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 I'll begin with some pictures from Judy Chamberlain. Later I'll be adding some of the government photos that Ralph Reinhold purchased on ebay (part of the DVD set).

Kagnew Power Plant

Entrance and front view of Power Plant
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Touring Kagnew Power Plant

Civilian Engineer, H. M. Chamberlain, Judy's father

Back of Kagnew Power Plant

Rear View

Kagnew Power Plant Generators

The Four 2,750 KW Generators