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Brass Bar
This building was just inside the main gate to the right, between the Provost Marshall office and the Infirmary. If you remember the name of the general on the front of the building please email me and let me know.

Also, if you have any pictures outside/inside or stories you'd like to share, contact me and I'll get it added to the page.
Brass Bar

Finance Office

Capt. Cooper, the Comptroller in the late 50s designed this building and was put into service in 1959. Previously, everyone was spread out over three buildings so this was a consolidation into one office.

The Comptroller had the right front corner and the accounting section had the back right corner. The cashier, vault, payroll and other finance functions used the entire left side.

You could walk from one area to the other inside the building. When you first entered the Finance Office, the cashier’s cage and window was to the immediate right. That is where cash was obtained via vouchers, etc. Straight ahead as you opened the door was a chest high partition that separated the finance clerks from the front door. When people came to that counter, someone would talk to them there and then bring them back to the appropriate person to conduct business.

Until mid-1971 or so, all pay was given in cold cash and the finance specialists would strap on a 45 semi-automatic and accompany the Unit Commander to a location in their area, where all the men would line up and get their pay, once per month. In 1971, Kagnew switched to computerized pay using checks, and people had the option of twice monthly pay days.

"The interesting thing was that the commanders had to come to the finance office very early in the morning and the money was sitting around in big stacks on various desks. The money was counted out to the commander, and then he counted it again and signed off for it. It was amazing to see all those stacks of cash sitting around in the office. Of course we were all armed and the doors were locked down." - Dan Harper

Thanks to:
Dan Harper, Captain, USPHS (Retired)
Jack Hill
Chez Brazil

Dan Harper sent in another picture with an angle from the right and it shows that was the Office of the Comptroller.