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Ralph Reinhold was able to purchase a large cache of government-issued photos from Kagnew Station, 30 manila envelopes in all, taken in the mid 60s. Ralph sent me the entire box a few months back to scan and I will be soon be posting some of those pictures in a reduced format and size on the web page.

The original scans are in a high-resolution .tif files, most being around 3000 pixels in width. Imagine the average computer monitor is 800-1000 pixels wide in resolution so you can see how large these scans are.

I am creating a DVD of these scans which is about 3.8 gig of images and will be offering them for sale at $20.00, which covers the cost of the DVD disc with a burned-in graphic of Asmara pics and case, padded mailing envelope and postage. The remainder of the proceeds will go to Ralph to help defray the $800.00 cost of purchasing this lot.

Below you will see a sample of what will be on the DVD. There are some great pictures so enjoy this small subset of the group. Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger image.
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Rick; I got my DVD Friday “ Great Job”. ******s response to her DVD was one word “AWESOME” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Rick,
I finally got around to viewing Ralph's DVD. Wow! We have a large hi res screen and was great to see all these images - large.

It is amazing how much money Uncle Sam spent on all those facilities, which were eventually made obsolete by spy satellites a few short years later. I'll bet a spy satellite cost 1/00th of the total money spent "in theater" vs. all these types of facilities all over Europe and Asia, etc., at that time period
Thanks again for the DVD.
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Envelope 1

Change of Command Ceremony

Change of Command

Zoom in on the exchange of flag. Click to see the full-size of this area of the image.

Chanage of Command

Envelope 2

Tour of Stonehouse construction by the Governor General of Eritrea, September 16, 1964.

Governor General Tour

Closeup of dish. (Warning--this is a large file, 375KB and almost 1800 pixels wide.)

Stonehouse Dish

Note with pictures.


Envelope 4


Gura construction

Construction site.

Gura construction site

Closeup of the tower in the back of the image.


Envelope 26

Photographic documentation of specific interior & exterior areas of the STRATCOM Facility, Asmara, located at Asmara, Ethiopia, photographed during month of March 1965.