Stonehouse news release

A Department of Defense news release in January, 1964 unveiled plans for a new deep-space research site--Stonehouse:

«experimentation in the peaceful uses of space will receive added impetus in Africa with the installation, at Kagnew
Station, of additional equipment for space communications research and for future study of radio receiving and transmitting
techniques. The new equipment, now ready for installation, will consist of two rotatable parabolic antennas, one 85 feet in
diameter and the other 150 feet in diameter. these modern antennae are designed to further the study of long-range
communications and to facilitate the study of the effects of the ionosphere on communications. The selection of Asmara
for this important new space research activity resulted from extensive surveys to find an area combining relatively quiet
electronic environment, and suitable topographic features and climate characteristics, near the equatorial belt. Kagnew
Station is a particularly appropriate site to receive the new antennas in light of the stations past contributory research into
natural electronic phenomena. The new equipment will expand Kagnew's communications research capability and will
permit scientific measurement of unusual transmission characteristics in outer space communications research. United
States interest in this research activity is based on the desire to improve long-range communications world-wide. The new
installation will make an important contribution to man's expanding knowledge of the mysteries of outer space. Materials
for the new antennas will begin to arrive at the seaport of Massawa in early May. From there, they will truck-hauled to
Asmara. The installation is expected to be completed in 1965 and during phases of its construction should employ many
Ethiopian workers. Arrangements will be made for groups of visitors to tour the new facility during its construction in
accordance with past practice at other parts of Kagnew Station.»