Our thanks to Dan Glassner for providing the information on this document.

Dan's note:

I have been pursuing documents that relate to Kagnew since declassification of documents has taken place in the Clinton Administration. I have come across a document relating to a study initiated by NSC to determine what to do with Kagnew. I have attempted to simulate the format of the original document. This document is in the Gerald R. Ford Library. It speaks of a follow-up (in the attached document) that doesn't seem to be cataloged as yet. I had requested all documents relating to Kagnew and was informed this was the only one presently cataloged and available. When it becomes available I will get it.

I thought this might be interesting to put on the web site. The document was signed by Brent Scowcroft over the typed name of Henry Kissinger.

The document was formerly classified SECRET (GDS) Declassified April 17, 1994 under Executive Order 12356, Sec. 3.4.

There shouldn't be any problem posting this on the internet as it is declassified and is generally available to the public through the Gerald R. Ford Library.

Updated 4 January 2006:

Dan Glassner has informed me the address has changed again! Here it is:
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Dan has also found a couple other documents (PDFs) at the Department of State that relate to the closing of Kagnew!

Apr 28, 1973: http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/67406.pdf
Sep 14, 1973: http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/67412.pdf